Getting to Liechtenstein:

Liechtenstein is centrally located to all of Central Europe, and though it has neither an airport nor direct train service from other nations, it is easy to reach.

By air:
Zurich Airport is the nearest airport with intercontinental service and is 1 hour away by car and 1 1/2 hours away by frequent train service. Altenrhein Airport, with limited European service, is about 30 minutes away by car. Geneva, Munich, Frankfurt and Milan are all 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 hours away by train and 3 to 6 1/2 hours away by road.
By rail:
Express trains stop at Sargans and Buchs in Switzerland and at Feldkirch in Austria. Buses and taxis meet the trains.
By car:
The Swiss A13 motorway runs north-south along the west bank of the Rhine; exits 6 through 10 serve Liechtenstein. The A3 motorway meets the A13 just south of Liechtenstein and leads directly to Zurich. The Austrian A14 motorway runs north to Germany and east to Innsbruck and Vienna; exit 41 serves Feldkirch, and the border crossing is not far from the exit. Please note that both Austrian and Swiss motorways are toll and require a vignette for your automobile windshield.

Liechtenstein and Switzerland have a shared customs agreement, so no passport or customs controls are conducted between the two. Swiss customs manages the border crossing to Austria at Feldkirch on behalf of Liechtenstein.

Once you're there:

During the convention, Worldcon will be running its own supplemental bus system to provide rapid and timely service to all function spaces and most lodgings. The low-floor buses will offer easy access to all members. The bus schedule will be optimized to minimize the time required to get between panels, such that everyone has a chance to enjoy the entire schedule of events. Reduced evening and overnight service will allow members to party as late as desired and still make it back to their lodgings; however, those staying in group lodging are requested to obey noise curfews when returning late.

Before and after the convention, Liechtenstein Bus will provide inexpensive service between all the communities of Liechtenstein and the bordering towns in Austria and Switzerland.

In all cases, we would like to discourage Worldcon members from renting cars. Liechtenstein is a small country, and if cars are driven from function space to function space during the day, traffic congestion and full parking areas are likely to frustrate all attendees -- those who are driving the cars stuck in traffic, and those riding the buses behind them.