Liechtenstein contains a large variety of venues for holding the functions normally associated with a Worldcon. While not matching the usual Worldcon's sprawling convention center space usage model, the variety, character and intimacy of the space available will make the convention unique and unforgettable.

Rheinpark Stadion
The national 3500 seat football (soccer) stadium with covered seating will be used for opening and closing ceremonies, Hugo awards, the Masquerade, GoH interviews, and other large-tent items. We will investigate taking advantage of its outdoor setting for large pyrotechnic or amateur rocketry displays.
The national art museum in Vaduz will be used to hold the Worldcon art show, displaying its gamut of works in a more appropriate setting than ever before!
Vaduzer Saal
The town hall of Vaduz, with its 650 square meter main hall, will be used for dances and the largest talks from all tracks. The foyer will be used for special exhibit space on the nation of Liechtenstein and on the history of Worldcon.
Film, Video and Anime
The Vaduzer Saal's Kellertheatre and the Theatre am Kirchplatz and the TaKino in Schaan will be used for 35 millimeter and video theater.
Hochschule Liechtenstein
Liechtenstein's technical university, not in session during the convention, has an auditorium, 4 lecture halls and 9 seminar rooms.
Other hotels
Twenty-four more function rooms, from 20 to 450 square meters, will accommodate all programming tracks.
Messeplatz "Im alten Riet"
The dealers will be given plenty of room in Schaan's Messeplatz, site of trade fairs. Eight halls (one converted from indoor tennis courts) with tree-lined paths and an outdoor beer garden will offer a congenial atmosphere.
The towns
Last but not least, the fact that the function spaces are marbled into living, breathing towns means that convention attendees are not limited to a single sterile convention center/hotel combination. The inns will become meeting places. Scheduled music and filk performances and kaffeklatsches can take place in restaurants and pubs, in a natural environment. LARPs will be able to take over entire towns, with plenty of space to congregate and confer.